Wait on the Lord!

Wait on the Lord?  Do I have to… can’t God just come through now?

It can be so difficult to wait for God’s timing, but we are so blessed when we do.  When I was saved 16 + years ago, I wanted my family to know the love and closeness of God immediately.  People can sometimes feel like you’re trying to sell them something or your goal is earning points with God  while you’re trying to convert people.  I’m sure I’ve been guilty of that approach at times.  His love is so overwhelming that you can’t help but want those you love to experience that joy with you.  Trusting in God’s timing is key because as much as we want our loved ones to be in relationship with Him, it’s only going to happen in God’s timing.  Living for Him and loving others is so much more of a testament to who He is than trying to convince someone.

I have been waiting, praying, pleading with God for almost half my life for my family to know how much they are loved by their creator.  I am happy to say that waiting on the Lord has paid off!  I had the privilege of baptizing my step father (we all think of him as our real father) yesterday.  At my complete surprise, the spirit of God was at work in the heart of my Mom, my sister, and my niece.  They all obeyed the spirit’s call and they took the plunge together.  I have never cried tears of joy like that in my life other than when I gave birth to my children.  It was worth the wait and I’m excited to see more of my family members come to know the intimate love of Christ through them as well.

“Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!”  Psalm 27:14

Wait on Him, He knows what he’s doing.


5 responses to “Wait on the Lord!

  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!! As I write this ‘tears’ roll down my face as I KNOW what your message brought forth to my heart…WOW!!! God DOES work in HIS time & it is ALL worthwhile…You are such a HUGE PIECE OF GOD’S HANDS my friend….keep up the good work…GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR MINISTRY…I love you, Linda

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